AFOMP Lifetime Achievement 2021 award

August 20th, 2021

Congratulations to Prof. Masahiro Endo !

AFOMP confers the prestigious AFOMP Lifetime Achievement, 2021 award on Prof. Masahiro Endo, former president of JSMP.

Prof. Endo joined the HIMAC (Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator in Chiba) Construction Group, and prepared for heavy ion radiotherapy in 1983. He developed the three-dimensional treatment planning system HIPLAN, that continued to be used until 2012.  While developing a heavy ion treatment planning system, he started developing cone-beam CT around 1989 in order to improve the spatial resolution in the longitudinal direction of images, and completed a prototype in 1995.

He led the founding of the JSMP in 2000 by integrating the Japanese Association of Medical Physicist (JAMP), which was a member of IOMP, and a group of medical physicists who were members of the Japan Radiological Society (JRS). Then, for the next 13 years, he served as the president (for 10 years) or an auditor (for 3 years) of JSMP.
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