The Japan Society of Medical Physics (JSMP)


The purposes of the JSMP are to collaborate with and promote physics, engineering, and informatics in medicine and related research fields, and to contribute to academic developments. (Art. II of the articles of association)

To accomplish these purposes, the JSMP conducts projects as follows:

  1. Holding semi-annual academic meeting (spring and fall).
  2. Publishing Japanese Journal of Medical Physics four times a year as an official journal.
  3. Holding speciality-specific workshops.
  4. Distributing Medical Physics World twice a year, which is an official journal of International Orgnaization of Medical Physics (IOMP).
  5. Publishing Radiological Physics and Technology twice a year, which is an official scientific journal in English, in collaboration with the Japanese Society of Radiological Technology (JSRT).

Membership Categories

  1. Full membership: Full membership is open to individuals who aprove of the purposes of the JSMP and have academic knowledge, skills, and/or experience in the JSMP-intended fields.
  2. Student membership: Student membership is open to undergraduate or graduate students or individuals equivalent to them who aprove of the purposes of the JSMP and are interested in the JSMP-intended fields.
  3. Honorary and Supporting membership

Instructions for admission

Applicants are required to complete the information in an application form, mail it to the office of the JSMP, and remite admission fee and membership due by a postal transfer form in a post office. (note that you are not registered as a member by only mailing the application form)

Postal transfer account

Account No.00170-3-678998
Account NameThe Japan Society of Medical Physics

Admission fee is 4,000 yen for full membership (free for student membership), membership due is 10,000 yen/year for full membership (4,000 yen/year for student membership). Basically, applicants are regarded as full membership but ones who desire to become student membership are required to attach the proof (e.g., a hard copy of a student card)


The Office of The Japan Society of Medical PhysicsAcademy center, 358-5 Yamabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, 162-0801, Japan
E-Mailjsmp-post[at]  (replace [at] with @)
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