Greeting from the President


会長近影President of Japan Society of Medical Physics
Shigekazu Fukuda, Ph.D

Medical physics is an academic field that applies and utilizes the knowledge and achievements of physical engineering in medicine. The knowledge and achievements of physical engineering here have a strong connection with radiation due to the historical origin of medical physics. For this reason, radiation therapy, radiation diagnosis, nuclear medicine, and radiation protection are regarded as fields of medical physics. In addition, fields such as RI internal therapy that combine diagnosis and treatment are becoming active, and the scope of these fields is expanding. As an academic society, we are going to respond to these trends.

Since 2020, we have established new committees such as the conference support committee, the medical physicist committee, and the interdisciplinary exchange committee to make the academic activities more active. Holding academic conferences is a major pillar of academic activities. On the other hand, it is a heavy burden on the conference president. Therefore, we have established a committee to support the tournament, centered on people with experience as the tournament chair and executive committee chair. In addition, JSMP is one of the founding organizations of the Medical Physicist Certification Organization and supports its activities. We have established a medical physicist committee to provide support in a visible manner. Furthermore, as the scope of activities of the academic society expands, it becomes more important to interact with related academic societies and groups. The Interdisciplinary Exchange Committee has been established as the contact point. We ask all members to actively participate in the committee activities, including existing committees as well as these new committees.

Through the promotion of medical physics, the Japan Society of Medical Physics contributes to society by playing a part in the development of academics and improvement of national medical care. Again, I’d like to ask for the support of all members.

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