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Educational Lectures

Note:those who need the Certificate of Attendance for Educational Lectures are required to purchase for
the Educational Lecture material option on online registration.

  1. Please select a purchase option for Educational Lecture material (PDF data) in online registration (JPY 2,000). The purchase period is until noon on May 31 (Monday). The data can be viewed and downloaded only during the conference period.
  2. Only onsite participants can receive Educational Lecture booklet at the JSMP desk in Exhibition Hall A. Please bring the printed out/captured online payment confirmation email received after purchase to the JSMP desk in Exhibition Hall A to receive the printed form of the Educational Lecture material. (The number of the printed material is limited. It will be on a first-come, first-served basis.)
  3. To issue the certificate of attendance of the educational lecture, you need to apply online after viewing the lecture. The viewing code displayed during the lecture is required for online application.
  4. The certificate of attendance will be mailed to applicant after the conference period.
    The certificate will be a certification of earning three credits for attending a Japanese academic conference in accordance with the guidelines of the Japanese Board for Medical Physicist Qualification for initial certification and renewal.
  5. A Certificate of Attendance is applicable to and will be issued for the 6 lectures listed below;
    • Educational Lecture  “Next-generation medical information infrastructure act ~Large-scale medical data for R&D~” Keita Komatsu
    • Educational Lecture  “Report of AAPM task group 275~ outline of TG 275 and implementation of double check for treatment plan in clinical practice~” Noriyuki Kadoya
    • Educational Lecture  “Biological effects of neutrons” Tatsuhiko Imaoka
    • Educational Lecture  “Mathematics for deep learning” Jun’ichi Kotoku
    • Educational Lecture  “The state-of-art method of artificial intelligence in the medical field” Takumi Ichimura
    • Educational Lecture  “Monte Carlo particle transport methods for radiation biology research -Tips from Geant4-DNA” Dousatsu Sakata

JRC2022(Japan Radiology Congress)


Japan Radiology Congress (JRC)
Japanese Society of Medical Physics (JSMP)
The 81th Annual Meeting of the Japan Radiological Society
The 78th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Radiological Technology
Japan Medical Imaging and Radiological Systems Industries Association (JIRA)


Japan Radiology Congress (JRC)

Kanda-Surugadai Building 7F, 3-8, Kanda Ogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0052, Japan

Japan Society of Medical Physics

Academy Center, 358-5, Yamabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0801, Japan
e-mail: jsmp-post@bunken.co.jp

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