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greeting-121officer-kanematsu-nobuyukiI am honored to announce here the 121st Scientific Meeting of Japan Society of Medical Physics (JSMP). This meeting will be held as a part of joint congress JRC2021 organized by the Japan Radiology Congress (JRC) in conjunction with the 80th Annual Meeting of the Japan Radiological Society (JRS), the 77th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Radiological Technology (JSRT), and the International Technical Exhibition of Medical Imaging (ITEM) 2021 organized by the Japan Medical Imaging and Radiological Systems Industries Association (JIRA). The participants of this meeting will be able to attend all parts of JRC2021. A special feature of JRC2021 is that it is a hybrid-type congress: We are organizing a real congress in Yokohama on 15–18 April 2021 accompanied by a web site for on-demand delivery of the recordings. We intend to serve the best reasonable congress to the participants regardless of the spread of COVID-19, which is unpredictable.

The theme of JRC2021 is “Milestones and Beyond”. Radiology started with the discovery of x rays by Roentgen on November 8, 1895, which is commemorated every year as “World Roentgen Day”. Marie Curie who discovered radium and promoted its medical use also developed Roentgen cars and drove various places for clinical practice. Her birthday November 7 is commemorated as “International Day of Medical Physics”. Radiology and medical physics have continued to develop with other sciences and technologies. Congress JRC or its predecessor JMCP has been a venue for scientific exchange and a showcase of radiological devices since 1988. Our society JSMP started its history by formation of Physics Expert Group in JRS in March 1961. Year 2021 happens to be the 60th anniversary, which is celebrated in East Asia as a return of Chinese zodiac cycle, the combination of 10 stems (5 elements, young or old) and 12 branches (animals). Year 2021 is the year of gold-young and ox.

In this commemorative meeting, we are organizing JSMP-JSRT Joint International Sessions, which collect English presentations nominated as President’s Award candidates. The JSMP International Affairs Committee is organizing a symposium on international cooperation for medical physics in the Asia Oceania region. We ask each of you, a medical physics researcher in the world, to present your recent research for international scientific exchange. You will also have a unique opportunity to see a collection of state-of-the-art radiological products in the ITEM exhibition. We are looking forward to welcoming all of you from all over the world to the 121st Scientific Meeting of JSMP in the JRC2021 congress, Yokohama, April 2021.

Nobuyuki Kanematsu, PhD
President, the 121st Scientific Meeting of Japan Society of Medical Physics

General Information

121st Scientific Meeting of JSMP (JRC 2021)

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to our frontline healthcare workers in hospitals for fighting covid-19 and continuing their jobs.
The 121st Scientific Meeting of the Japan Society of Medical Physics (JRC 2021) will be held in PACIFICO Yokohama as follows.
However, the conference style is subject to change depending on the situation of COVID-19. Details will be announced on this website.

1. Date

April 15 (Thu) – April 18 (Sun), 2021
(A website for on-demand delivery of video recordings of the meeting will be open for the meeting registrants from April 28 (Wed) to June 3 (Thu), 2021.)

2. Venue

PACIFICO Yokohama and WEB

3. Contents

A. Onsite meeting at Yokohama
– JRC joint symposium
– International Sessions
– Oral Presentation
– CyPos
– Educational lectures
– Committee program
– Exhibition (ITEM)

4. Registration Fee

JSMP memberJPY 13,000
JSMP student member not under regular employmentJPY 1,000
Non JSMP memberJPY 20,000
Student not under regular employment (excluding JSMP member)JPY 1,000
*The registration fee is the same for both onsite and web participation or only web participation.
*If you will register as a student(excluding JSMP member), please prepare an evidence (ex. ID card) that you are a student.
Foreign student studying in Japan also needs registration fee, JPY 1,000 from this year.
*If you are the member of AFOMP/IOMP, proceedings will be supplied free of charge at the registration desk.

5. Registration of Participation

※Registration method will be announced later. Certificate of attendance will be issued regardless of the participation method (onsite/web).



PresidentNobuyuki KanematsuNational Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS),National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology (QST)

Executive Committee

ChairpersonHideyuki MizunoQST Hospital, QST
Vice ChairpersonTeiji NishioOsaka University
MemberShigekazu FukudaQST Hospital, QST
Akihiro NohtomiKyushu University
Tomoyuki HasegawaKitasato University
Naoki HayashiFujita Health University
Taku NakajiQST Hospital, QST
Hidemi KamezawaTeikyo University
Wei Shan ChangNIRS, QST
Atsushi MyojoyamaTokyo Metropolitan University
Masayori IshikawaHokkaido University
Toru YamamotoHokkaido University
Shuichi OzawaHiroshima High-Precision Radiotherapy Cancer Center
Toshiyuki ToshitoNagoya Proton Therapy Center

Program Committee

ChairpersonShunsuke YonaiNIRS, QST
Vice ChairpersonHiroyuki OkamotoNational Cancer Center Hospital
MemberToru KojimaSaitama Cancer Center
Yoshiyuki NyuiTokyo Metropolitan University
Hidetake HaraKitasato University
Keisuke TsudaJuntendo University
Fumihiko NishikidoNIRS, QST
Tomonori IsobeUniversity of Tsukuba
Shinya MizukamiKitasato University
Jun’ichi KotokuTeikyo University
Makoto SakaiGunma University
Taiki MagomeKomazawa University
Hiroaki HayashiKanazawa University
Hideyuki TakeiUniversity of Tsukuba
Mutsumi TashiroGunma University
Toshiyuki ToshitoNagoya Proton Therapy Center
Taku InaniwaNIRS, QST
Kiyomitsu ShinshoTokyo Metropolitan University
Shinnosuke MatsumotoNIRS, QST
Toru KawachiChiba Cancer Center
Hiroaki MatsubaraTokyo Women’s Medical University
Makoto SakamaQST Hospital, QST
Satoshi NakamuraNational Cancer Center Hospital
Naoki HayashiFujita Health University
Noriyuki KadoyaTohoku University
Satoshi KitoTokyo Metropolitan Bokutoh Hospital
Yu KumazakiSaitama Medical University International Medical Center
Masahiko KurookaTokyo Medical University Hospital
Motohiro KawashimaGunma University
Satoru SugimotoJuntendo University
Yukio FujitaKomazawa University
Mitsuhiro NakamuraKyoto University


Scientific Meeting

Pacifico Yokohama Conference Center
1-1-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 220-0012
TEL: 045-221-2121

Equipment Exhibition

Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall

Access map

Access to Pacifico Yokohama

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