Call for Abstract

Those who wish to present a paper must submit an abstract and author information to the online registration system. Please submit according to the following instructions.

1. Qualification Requirements

  1. Presenting author must have a JSMP or AFOMP (Asia-Oceania Federation of Organizations for Medical Physics) membership.
  2. If you are not a JSMP member yet, please apply through” immediately.
  3. If you have AFOMP membership and your abstract submission is accepted, you will be treated as an invited speaker and registration fee will be supported. Among abstracts submitted by AFOMP members, some excellent presentations will be selected by the JSMP program committee and part of travel expenses will be supported.
  4. Presenting author needs consideration to bioethics and protection of personal information.

2. Period for Abstract Submission

September 1, 2017(Fri) - October 16, 2017(Mon) ; 10:00 AM, (UTC+9)

3. Submission Instructions

Fill the following fields on submission form then press "Confirm to submit" button.
  1. Name of Presenting Author
  2. Type of Membership and Membership number
  3. Institution/Affiliation
  4. City, Country of Institution/Affiliation
  5. Postal code and Address of Institution/Affiliation
  6. Telephone and Fax number
  7. E-mail Address
  8. In the case that the co-authors institution is different from the presenting authors, enter the names of those institutions, and select the numbers which indicate institutions you list below
  9. Name of co-authors
  10. Presentation Categories
    a. Diagnostic Imaging (X-ray),b. Magnetic Resonance,c. Diagnostic Imaging(others),d. Radiation Therapy (photon/electron), e. Radiation Therapy (heavy particle), f. Radiation Therapy (brachytherapy), g. Radiometry/Spectrometry/Dosimetry, h. Radiation Protection, i. Nuclear Medicine, j. Image Informatics/Processing/Analysis, k. Medical Information, l. Education, m. Others
  11. Keywords (5 different words)
  12. Title of Abstract (up to 20 words.)
  13. Body of Abstract (up to 320 words)
  14. Check the box if you will plan to make a presentation at the 77th JRS or the 74th JSRT meetings, which will be held in conjunction with the 115th JSMP Meeting.
  15. Password

4. [Important] Questionnaire about research ethics

5. [Important] Disclosure of Conflict of Interest (COI)

6. Notification of acceptance

The presenting author will receive the notification of acceptance by e-mail by the beginning of December, 2017.

7. Proceedings

For the proceedings of the JSMP115, your manuscript must be uploaded from the beginning of December, 2017 to January 11, 2018 when your paper would be accepted.

8. CyPos

All presenters must upload a PowerPoint file for the electronic poster system (CyPos) from 12:00 PM on February 2(Fri), 2018 to 12:00 PM on February 23 (Fri), 2018.
Note: A "Declaration on Conflict of Interest" must be shown in your second slide for both of the CyPos and presentation.

9. Presentation slides

All presenters must upload a PowerPoint file for a presentation from 12:00 PM on March 9(Fri), 2018 to 12:00 PM on April 6(Fri), 2018.

10. Awards

The Prize for Paper and English presentation will be awarded in the JSMP115.

11. Best presentation award for AFOMP member

Among abstracts submitted by AFOMP members, some excellent presentations will be selected by the JSMP program committee.