Abstract Submission Flow

Instruction for procedure after abstract submission

Hiroshi Oguchi, Ph.D.
Congress Chair of the 115th JSMP Meeting

I would like to express our gratitude for submitting your abstract to the 115th Scientific Meeting of the Japan Society of Medical Physics (JSMP115). The essential four steps that you must follow from abstract submission to your presentation at the meeting are shown as follows.

Abstract Submission
Proceedings Submission
CyPos registration
Presentation slides registration
All four steps above can be done on this web site. Deadlines for each step are as follows.
Abstract Submission Proceedings Submission CyPos Registration Presentation Slides Registration The Day
of Presentation
Sep 1, 2017
- Oct 16, 2017
  Early Dec, 2017
- Jan 11, 2018
  12:00 PM, Feb 2, 2018
- 12:00 PM, Feb 23, 2018
  12:00 PM, Mar 9, 2018
- 12:00 PM, Apr 6, 2018
  Please come to presentation room directly.
Important Notice:
  • In the case that CyPos or presentation slides registration are not completed before the above deadlines, the presentation will be cancelled.
  • Replacing or modification of presentation slides at a presentation room will not be available. One must check presentation slides carefully before registration.