Award Information

CyPos Congress Awards

Radiation Therapy (photon/electron)2/Treatment planning1 O-008
Kentaro Miki (Hiroshima Univ. Hospital)
Evaluation of the optimization workflow with design of experiment (DoE) for the various configurations of field arrangement in VMAT planning
Radiation Therapy (photon/electron)3/Patient specific QA1 O-014
Yoshiyuki Katsuta (Tohoku Univ.)
Treatment outcome estimation based on reconstructed patient anatomy received treatment beam
Radiation Therapy (photon/electron)5/IGRT O-020
Hiraku Iramina (Kyoto Univ.)
Direct measurement of MV-scatter on kV image acquired during concurrent MV beam irradiation
Radiation Therapy (particle)1/Treatment planning O-027
Tetsuhiro Sodeta (Hokkaido Univ.)
A study on the influence of changing the motion recognition rate on the dose accuracy of spot-scanning proton therapy
Radiation Therapy (particle)3/Dosimetry O-037
Takuya Yabe (Nagoya Univ.)
Estimation of produced light from prompt gamma photons on luminescence imaging of water for proton therapy dosimetry
Diagnostic Imaging2/Development O-043
Takeshi Takata (Teikyo Univ.)
Hands-on virtual reality dose visualization and air dose estimation in interventional radiology
Medical Image and Information2/Radiomics O-097
Jun'ichi Kotoku (Teikyo Univ.)
Image Classification using persistent homology(1)
Nuclear Medicine O-116
Go Akamatsu (QST/NIRS)
Intrinsic performance evaluation of a new TOF-PET detector module with 256-ch 3-mm-pitch MPPC array