CyPos Registration

Oral and Poster (cyber poster – CyPos) Exhibit presenters are requested to send a digital poster (in Microsoft PowerPoint format) to the Secretariat in advance. Details will be notified by email in the beginning of February, 2016.

Please send your digital poster (CyPos) during the following period:
Feb 5 Fri, 2016 – 12:00 noon on Feb 26 Fri (JST: GMT+9)
Notes on creating slides:
  1. To ensure compatibility, please use the following systems: Operating System (Mac or Windows) and Microsoft PowerPoint (version: for Windows: 2003, 2007, 2010, or 2013 and for Mac: X, 2004). Also, please ensure that the slides are sized for “On-screen Show (4:3).”
  2. Please do not protect your PowerPoint file by using a password.
  3. Please use JPEG format for images.
    Note: Please refrain from including images that would violate the privacy of others.
  4. Animation effects are not accepted.
  5. Audio is not accepted.
  6. The texts in the Notes pane will be displayed. Please do not include inappropriate text in this area.
  7. One slide containing a COI (conflict of interest) disclosure should be included in your digital poster (CyPos). This applies to all authors, including presenting author and co-author(s), regardless of whether they have a COI statement. Please download this PowerPoint slide and include it as the second slide after the title slide. (There are two different slides, “COI Statement” and “No COI Statement” ).
  8. The first slide should be the title slide, and the second slide should be the COI disclosure slide.
Notes on using movies
  1. Please use the following formats for movies: AVI (.avi), MPEG (.mpeg, .mpg)
    *Other movie formats cannot be uploaded in the Digital Poster system.
  2. Please refer to “Link to a video” (NOT “Embed a video”) in the instruction video for detail.

The guidance of reading Cypos

You can read the presentation in all meeting of JRC 2016(JRS, JSRT, JSMP) from the prepared PC in Cypos place and your PC which was connected to WiFi.

  1. Reading on the day of meeting

    You can use the prepared PC in Cypos place and your PC which was connected to WiFi.

    Your login ID and password are required when you select the each meeting of JRC in Cypos top page. Your login ID and password are shown in your name card.

    3)List and Searching
    All presentation is classified sectorally. You can search all presentation by name and institution of speaker, and full-text.

    4)PDF download
    You can download PDF file later when speaker approve the disclosure. The resolution of PDF file is low from the point of view of copyright protection.

  2. Reading after meeting

    1)The registered participant can read Cypos after meeting:
    15:00 on April 17 Sun, 2016 – 12:00 noon on April 28 Thu (JST: GMT+9)
    2)You cannot read Cypos when the speaker do not approve the disclosure.
    3)Your login ID and password are shown in your name card.