Award Information

1. CyPos Presentation Award

Radiation Therapy (photon/electron)2 O-012
Soufi Mazen(Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kyushu University)
Automated localization of anatomical feature points in infrared ray-based range images of patient surfaces by using differential geometry
Radiation Therapy (photon/electron)3 O-015
Hiraku Iramina(Department of Nuclear Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University)
Effect of breathing patterns on three-dimensional target position in X-ray fluoroscopic and four-dimensional cone-beam computed tomography imaging
Radiation Therapy (heavy particle) 5 O-052
Hideaki Tashima(National Institute of Radiological Sciences)
In-beam OpenPET imaging simulation based on patient data
Radiation Therapy (heavy particle)5 O-053
Akram Mohammadi(National Institute of Radiological Sciences)
Optimization of 15O beam for in-beam PET imaging
Magnetic Resonance2 O-133
Md Shahadat Hossain Akram(National Institute of Radiological Sciences)
Development of a PET/RF-coil integrated system for MRI: comparative MRI study for with- and without-PET modules
Nuclear Medicine1 O-139
Eiji Yoshida(National Institute of Radiological Sciences)
First healthy volunteer study of high sensitive helmet-chin PET prototype
Nuclear Medicine2 O-145
Makoto Sakai(Graduate School of Medicine, Gunma University)
Y-90 Bremsstrahlung Imaging using Compton Camera
Radiation Measurement2 O-164
Takara Watanabe(Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kitasato University)
Development of an all-sky RI imaging monitor capable of measuring high-dose-rate gamma-ray sources

2. English Presentation Award

Radiation Therapy (photon/electron)3 O-018
Masahiro Nakano(Graduate School of Medicine, University of Tokyo)
Time-ordered 4D cone-beam CT iterative reconstruction for pelvic region
Joint Symposium2
Yoshitomo Ishihara(Department of Radiation Oncology and Image-applied Therapy, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine)
Development of kV X-ray imaging dose calculation system for image guided radiation therapy
Radiation Therapy (heavy particle)3 O-040
Athena E. Paz(Graduate School of Medicine, Gunma University)
Optimization of the Spread-Out Bragg Peak (SOBP) Design Considering the Oxygen Effect
Magnetic Resonance1 O-125
Yen-Peng Liao(Human Brain Research Center ,Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University)
Optimization of the Asymptotic Analysis in Intravoxel Incoherent Motion MRI
Nuclear Medicine1 O-138
Abdella M Ahmed(National Institute of Radiological Sciences)
Feasibility study of a pixilated mouth-insert detector in the helmet PET
Image (Processing/Analysis/Informatics)/Medical Informatics 1 O-150
Ritu Bhusal Chhatkuli(Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo)
Phase recognition system for tracking tumor using pre-4DCBCT in FFF mode: A markerless study

3. AFOMP Member Excellent Presentation Award

Radiation Therapy (photon/electron)11  O-110
Arun Chougule(Department of Radiological Physics, SMS Medical College)
Scattered radiation dose to cornea of cancer patients of head and neck region treated by EBRT
Radiation Therapy (photon/electron)7 O-064
Lalit Kumar(Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Center, Medical Physics Division & Radiotherapy Department)
Integral dose to normal structures from cervix Rapid-arc radiotherapy planning