Award Information

CyPos Congress Awards

Radiation Therapy (photon/electron) 4 O-023
Shin Miyakawa (Komazawa Univ.)
Design and development of a non-rigid phantom that ventilates air for the quantitative evaluation of CT-based pulmonary ventilation imaging
Nuclear Medicine 1 O-043
Fumihiko Nishikido (QST/NIRS)
Development of second add-on PET/MRI prototype: Evaluation of PET imaging performance
Diagnostic Imaging 2 O-090
Hidetake Hara (Kitasato Univ.)
Image quality of virtual monochromatic imaging in dual-energy CT for detection of acute ischemic stroke
Radiation Therapy (particle) 4 O-103
Chie Toramatsu (Tokyo Women's Med. Univ.)
Beam angle optimization incorporating anatomical heterogeneities for pencil beam scanning charged-particle therapy in head and neck cancer
Meidcal Physics Education O-118
Noriyuki Kadoya (Tohoku Univ.)
Educational outcomes of a medical physicist program in Japan for past ten years with "Ganpro"
Magnetic Resonance 3 O-127
Ken Masuyama (Teine Keijinkai Hosp.)
Gadolinium contrast agent enhances longitudinal relaxation rate strongly in solution with intracellular viscosity
Radiation Measurement 1 O-135
Ryo Kakino (Univ. of Kyushu)
A comparison of generating properties of 128I and 134mCs in a self-activated CsI scintillator for different energy neutron fields
Radiation Therapy (particle) 8 O-162
Toshiyuki Terunuma (Univ. of Tsukuba)
Markerless tumor tracking by classification of deep machine learning

Excellent Presentation Award for AFOMP member

Paul Kumaresh Chandra (Bangladesh)
The shift of the effective point of measurement and displacement perturbation factor at cylindrical chambers in high energy Photon beams
Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao (Vietnam)