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POP-002 Evalution of chronic smoking effect on cerebral arteriolar vasmotor function in young subjects using MRI
POP-004 Validation of electromagnetic simulation of SAR using homogenous spheres with analytically-obtained theoretical values
POP-006 Development of a high-spatial-resolution CT scanner using a white-power LED
POP-017 Denoising Monte Carlo dose distribution using deep learning
POP-018 Analyzing spatial distribution between 18F-Fluorodeoxyglucose and 18F-Boronophenylalanine PET for investigating selection indicators for boron neutron capture therapy
POP-022 Comparison of rectal-dose reduction ability between a hydrogel spacer and a hyaluronic acid gel spacer in HDR prostate brachytherapy
POP-030 A noble quality control and identification method for human keratinocyte stem cells by automated cell tracking
POP-037 Dosimetric evaluation of log-based simplified Monte Carlo dose calculation for efficient patient-specific QA in spot-scanning proton therapy

TPI-001 MRI Thermometry Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging for Postoperative Brain Temperature Monitoring
TPI-008 Radiomic Feature-based Prediction Model for Malignancy Grade of Parotid Gland Cancer in Preoperative Magnetic Resonance Images
TPI-011 Development of Dynamic X-ray Elastography Using Laboratory X-ray Source and Synchrotron Radiation for Soft Tissues and Soft Materials
TPI-015 A Fundamental Study of Image Quality Assessment in CBCT Images with Non-Reference Image Quality Metrics Modeled by Radiation Images
TPI-029 Auto-segmentation of Important Centers of Growth in the Pediatric Skeleton to Consider During Radiation Therapy Based on Deep Learning
TPI-031 Feasibility study of deep learning-based markerless real-time tumor tracking for patients with lung cancer
TPI-041 Development of Stoichiometric Calibration Method for MVCT to MD Table on Tomotherapy
TPI-047 Validity of Two Robust Radiobiological Optimization Algorithms Based on the Mixed Beam Model for Intensity Modulated Carbon-Ion Therapy
TPI-049 Bone and Soft-tissue Image Generation Method Based on One Shot X-ray Exposure Using a Photon-counting Detector
TPI-050 Phantom Study of CZT Photon-counting BMD Detector
TPI-053 Development of a Compact Non-invasive Detector for High Dose-rate 192Ir Source Movement
TPI-056 A Predictive Model for Patient Functional Outcomes of Cerebral Infarction Using Weakly Supervised Learning with an Attention Mechanism on MR Images
TPI-061 Development of Deep Learning-based Mediastinum Suppression Technique for Dynamic Chest Radiography Using Virtual Patients
TPI-062 Development of a Deep Learning-based Bone Suppression Technique for Dynamic Chest Radiography Using Virtual Patients
TPI-064 Deep-Learning-Based Detection of Motion Blur Due to Body Motion: A Virtual Imaging Trial
TPI-077 Fast Analytical PET Simulation toward in vivo Range Monitoring for Scanned Proton Beam
TPI-078 Concept and Clinical Impact of an Intraoperative Forceps-type Coincidence Detector for Intraoperative Lymph Node Diagnosis Using FDG
TPI-088 Is Bayesian Penalized Likelihood Reconstruction without Point-Spread-Function Correction Appropriate for Amyloid PET Imaging?
TPI-089 FDG Healthy Volunteer Imaging with the World’s First Helmet-type Brain PET
TPI-099 Reduction of Detector Misalignment Errors in Ionoacoustic Range Detection by Using a Miniature Laser Interferometer Hydrophone
TPI-101 Range Uncertainties for MRI-only Treatment Planning with Convolutional Neural Network in Particle Therapy
TPI-102 Establishment of Evaluation Method for Fragmentation Model in Heavy Ion Therapy Energy
TPI-104 Optical Imaging of Dose Distribution by 10B(n,α)7Li Reaction Using Boron-added Liquid Scintillator for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy
TPI-105 Development of Fast Neutron Detection Method Discriminating Gamma-ray Events with Single Ionization Chamber in BNCT Field
TPI-107 Luminescence Imaging of Water Irradiated by Protons under FLASH Radiation Therapy Conditions



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