JSMP: 医学物理サマーセミナー2005.

               (2005/2005 –2007

Saturday, August 27(afternoon) through Monday, August 29, 2004, (afternoon)  05.06.22 up date


Registration Fee

参加費:会   員:25,000


    非 会 員:30,000      (宿泊費・受講料込み)


 562-0006 大阪府箕面市温泉町1番1号 




医学物理士業績評価点 10ポイント


Day1:Saturday  August 27,2005 

1:15 – 1:30   Welcome and Course Overview 和田真一 

1:30 – 3:00  治療1:Radiological Physics and Dosimetry 伊藤 彬(癌研) .

3:00 – 3:15   Break

3:15– 4:45  治療2:Radiological Physics and Dosimetry 伊藤 彬(癌研) 

4:45 – 5:00   Break

5:00 –6:30  診断1:X線の発生・X線装置      松本政雄(大阪大学) 

7:30 --       懇親会



Day2 Sunday  August 28, 2005

6:00 –7:00    Jogging ?? 

9:00 –10:30   診断2:X線の発生・X線装置     松本政雄(大阪大学)  

10:30—10:45  Break

10:45—12:15  治療3:光子線量測定と標準測定法   荒木不次男(熊本大学)

Day2 Sunday August 28,2005 (cont.)

12:15 – 2:00   Lunch  & FREE

2:00 – 3:30  診断4 .MRI   山本 徹(北海道大学)

 3:30 –3:45   Break 

3:45 –5:15   診断5 MRI   山本 徹. (北海道大学)

5:15 - 6:30   Break

6:30- 8:00   夕食

8:00 –10:30  分科会パネルセッション(お座敷セッション)


Day3 Monday  August 29, 2005

9:00 – 10:30  治療4.密封小線源治療  隅田伊織. (大阪大学)

10:30–11:00  Break

11:00—12:30 防護1 ,生物影響と防護   赤羽恵一.(放医研)

12:30 –13:15  Lunch

13:15- 14:45  防護2 ,生物影響と防護   赤羽恵一..(放医研)

15:45 –15:00  Closing     

Medical Physics Summer Seminar 2005 in MINOO




治療T.Introduction to Radiological Physics and Radiation Dosimetry

                  癌研究会 癌研究所 物理部 伊藤 彬

1. Ionizing radiation

2. Quantities for describing the interaction of ionization radiation with matter

3. Charged-particle and radiation equilibria

4. Gamma- and X-ray interactions in matter

5. Charged Particle Interactions in Matter

6. Cavity Theory

7. Dosimetry Fundamentals

8. Ionization Chambers

9. Dosimetry and Calibration of Photon and Electron Beams with Cavity Ion Chambers



大阪大学大学院 松本政雄










熊本大学 荒木不次男

1.            吸収線量校正の意義



2.            光子の線量測定






(f)平行平板形電離箱の擾乱補正係数(kattkwall, Pwall)

3.我が国の線量校正定数(Nc, ND,w, kD,X)の国際比較



北海道大学 山本 徹

1. Basic Principles

 (a) Nuclear magnetic moment and spin

 (b) The static magnetic field and the equilibrium distribution

 (c) The Larmor frequency and the radiofrequency field

 (d) The lab and rotating frames of reference

 (e) Relaxation mechanisms and effects of common contrast agents

 (f) The basic spin-echo sequence

 (g) Contrast in spin-echo imaging

 (h) Spatial encoding using linear magnetic field gradients

 (i) Properties of “k-space”

2. Hardware

  (a) The static magnetic field subsystem

 (b) The radiofrequency field subsystem

 (c) The gradient field subsystem

3. Basic Image Quality Issues

 (a) Signal-to-noise ratio and contrast-to-noise ratio in MRI

 (b) Resolution

4. Basic Pulse Sequences

 (a) Spin-echo sequence

 (b) Gradient-echo sequences

 (c) Fast spin-echo sequence

 (d) Inversion recovery sequences and applications

 (e) Common sequence options (spatial and chemical saturation techniques)

 (f) Echo planar imaging

  (g) Parallel imaging

 (h) MR angiography sequences

  (i) Diffusion sequences

  (j) Perfusion sequences

  (k) Functional MRI

 (l) MR spectroscopy sequences

5. Artifacts

6. Basic Safety in MRI

7. Topix

(a) Patent analysis

(b) Molecular imaging

(c) Study guide




大阪大学 隅田伊織

1. Basic Physical Characteristics

(a)Radionuclides used in brachytherapy

(b)Source types used in brachytherapy

(c)Sealed-source dosimetry (absorbed dose calculation based on the AAPM TG-43)

(d)Source calibration, assay, and quality assurance

2.      Clinical Aspects

(a) Brachytherapy techniques: Interstitial, intracavitary; surface applicators

(b)Brachytherapy systems: Direct-loading vs. afterloading

(c)Interstitial therapy: Manchester and Paris systems

(d)Seed implants

(e)Ultrasound-guided prostate seed implants

(f)Gynecological intracavitary therapy

(g)Clinical prescriptions and dose-volume histograms

3.      Investigation

(a)Optimization of dose distributions

(b)Inverse planning



放医研  赤羽恵一

1. 放射線の生物影響

 (a) 放射線と生体の相互作用

 (b) 放射線影響の種類

 (c) 確定的影響

 (d) 確率的影響

 (e) 放射線のリスク評価

2. 放射線防護

 (a) 放射線防護の歴史

(b) 放射線防護体系

 (c) 放射線防護関連法令

(d) 放射線防護・管理実務

 (e) 医療放射線被ばくの防護・管理

 (f) 放射線被ばくの諸問題