Financial Support for Research

JSMP supports financially the specified research projects to promote the research and the study on physics, engineering and information science in medicine.

List of Accepted Projects

Fiscal Year Theme Representative Researcher Remarks Column
2008 Standardization of the absorbed dose measurement in IMRT Toru Kawachi Continued to FY2009
2008 New QA/QC of PET machine with point source and improvement of the traceability Tomoyuki Hasegawa Continued to FY2009
2010 Establishment of QA/QC systems for Precision External Radiation Therapy Hiroyuki Okamoto Continued to FY2011
2010 Optimization of imaging parameters during real-time target tracking with diagnostic energy X-ray and flat-panel detector Rie Tanaka Continued to FY2011
2012 A survey towards standardization of dosimetric verification in IMRT Mitsuhiro Nakamura Continued to FY2013
2012 Iterative tomographic reconstruction: quantitative assessment of perceptual image quality with a novel statistical metric Sachiko Yamada Continued to FY2013
2013 Determination of the physical density and the constituent elements in the human tissue using dual energy CT Kouhei Simomura Continued to FY2014
2014 Pilot study of clinical application of the model-based dose calculation algorithm for brachytherapy Takashi Hanada